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Why is it necessary to check the battery pack capacity

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Why is it necessary to check the battery pack capacity
Latest company news about Why is it necessary to check the battery pack capacity



The DC uninterruptible power supply system for substations or communication base stations is the power supply guarantee for the safe operation of all DC loads in the entire substation or base station, and the battery pack is the core component. Once AC voltage loss occurs, the battery pack becomes the supplier of all loads. Once there is a problem with the battery pack, the entire station power supply system will be paralyzed, causing equipment outages and even major operating accidents. When the DC system is operating normally, the charger will charge the battery pack and supply power to the regular load at the same time. Because the battery pack cannot be separated from the DC bus, it needs to be in a floating charging state. Long-term floating charging will degrade the battery performance. Therefore, it is necessary to check the battery pack capacity to determine whether there is a problem with the battery.



Our AG series DC load bank it that machine can help us testing battery health and prolong battery life.


latest company news about Why is it necessary to check the battery pack capacity  0

It has two powerful functions:

  • On-line monitoring function

When the battery pack is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge or floating charge, it performs real-time online monitoring for all cells. The monitoring items include pack voltage, cell voltage, pack charge/discharge current, pack charge/discharge capacity, pack monitoring time, and etc.

It can also monitor the temperature and to better known the state of each cell. (optional function)

  • Discharge function:

The battery pack is removed from system. It performs constant current discharge after setup the parameters. It shows real-time data, such as discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity, pack voltage, cell voltage, and etc. Discharging can be stopped by the set parameters or artificially.



With reliable and durable feastures:

  • Expandability:

The user can setup battery numbers. If it is 48V battery pack, it can on-line monitor or discharge four groups of paralleled battery pack simultaneously.


  • Safety and reliability:

User can setup four parameters to stop discharge: pack voltage, cell voltage, discharge time, discharge capacity.

Discharging can also be stopped artificially.


  • No need manually correcting voltage.

  • Real-time data storage:

100 groups of on-line monitoring data and 100 groups of discharge data can be saved. The user can view, delete and export the data.


  • It can be controlled and real-time monitored by computer via RS232, meanwhile performs pattern analysis in computer.

  • Export data via RS232 or U disk.

  • Undervoltage protection

It cannot be started if the voltage is inconsistent between battery pack/cell and load bank.


  • Self-protection

When it is abnormal, it stops testing automatically to protecting batteries.


  • 5.7-inch color touch TFT screen with high performance.

  • Powerful analysis software

The software can generate voltage/current histogram, curve chart and test report automatically (including Excel table and Word document)

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