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What is solar power generator

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What is solar power generator
Latest company news about What is solar power generator

Solar power generator, is a backup power station with solar panel charging. the machine is positioned as an emergency power source, that is, when the mains is difficult to maintain power operation for important equipment, it works, such as lighting/communication/elevator/safety door, etc.

Suitable for all kinds of emergency rescue, fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane , As well as RV, camping, adventure, fishing, travel, etc., can also be used as a backup power source for large-scale events, concerts, ball games, rallies, and various event sites.


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YY series portable solar generator, is a portable power supply. It can be charged by solar, so, people also called them solar generator, solar power staion. It is multiple AC input mode, AC and DC (DC24V/48V) multichannel voltage output.
It is used in air conditioners, printers, desktop computers, radios, laptops, cars and other equipment. Powerful and intelligent management system circuit can protect the battery safety.

 Power failure emergency: when power is cut off, the backup power supply will ensure the normal use of computers, refrigerators, etc. The specific time depends on the power consumption
 Stable voltage: For areas with low voltage and unstable voltage, the output voltage can be stabilized
 Solve the restart and shutdown due to instantaneous voltage changes: such as opening an account, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.
 Protect household appliances from damage caused by power outages, overvoltage, and low-voltage current shocks
 Power supply to routers, etc., and make sure that the network equipment is operating normally

outdoor camping, outdoor office, drone, outdoor construction, emergency lighting, road trip, home emergency power.

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