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Various methods of battery maintenance

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Various methods of battery maintenance
Latest company news about Various methods of battery maintenance

Various methods of battery maintenance

1. Method of measuring float voltage
The setting of the float voltage has a very important influence on the battery life. In theory, the amount of current generated by the float voltage is required to compensate for the self-discharge of the battery. Too high float voltage will cause corrosion and loss of water on the positive electrode of the battery, which will reduce the battery capacity. If the float voltage is too low, the battery will also be undercharged, causing the battery to fall behind. In severe cases, electrode sulfation will occur. The choice of float voltage can be set according to the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions. Although measuring the floating charge voltage and making adjustments in time is an important part of the daily maintenance of the battery, measuring the floating charge voltage cannot find out the backward single cells. As shown in Figure 1, the float charge voltage of each cell of the battery is fairly even measured with a multimeter, but after a while after discharging, the terminal voltage of one of the cells quickly drops below the cut-off voltage, which is obviously a backward cell.


2. Internal resistance or conductivity test method
At present, it is popular in the world to detect the internal resistance of the battery by the conductivity test method to determine the actual capacity of the battery. Conductance, the reciprocal of resistance, refers to the ability to conduct current, and it reflects the magnitude of resistance. The resistance composition of the VRLA battery is complex, including the ohmic resistance of the battery, the concentration polarization resistance, the electrochemical reaction resistance and the interference effect when charging the double-layer capacitor. The resistance values ​​measured at different measuring points and at different moments contain different compositions. There is a certain fixed relationship between the remaining capacity and the internal resistance of the battery, especially when the remaining capacity is less than 50%, it will drop rapidly. Therefore, the battery capacity has a good consistency in judging the battery capacity based on the battery's conductance or resistance.


3. Volume measurement method
To accurately know the health status of VRLA batteries, only a capacity test is performed on the batteries. Although the check capacity discharge experiment can determine the capacity of the battery 100%, this test method has many drawbacks, such as high cost, heavy equipment, and special personnel training. The more important thing is that this test must remove the battery from the equipment. It is isolated for a long time, and during this time, if there is no battery as a backup power source, the danger is obvious.


Model JET-AR01 Battery impedance tester (battery resistance tester), is a right machine to do routine maintenance work. Please click hear to know more:


JET-AR is digital and multi-functional, can quickly and accurately measure the battery running status. It can show and record multi-group battery cell voltage, internal resistance, interconnection resistance, etc., and also precisely judge battery’s condition (pass/warning/fail).


Key Features

High precisely online testing, automatically switch the testing range in 0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ

Great data storage capacity, 999 groups of test results (Max. 500 cell battery per group), 200 groups of setting parameter.

USB transfer port.

Enhanced overvoltage undervoltage protection and Self-recovery the overcurrent protection.

Use the SOC chip to improve the tester stability.

Big capacity Lithium battery and AC 100V-240V power supply

Low battery indication.

One person can finish all test, good at saving time and cost.

Powerful PC software for manage and analysis the testing data.


Key Functions

  1. Online test the battery voltage, internal resistance, interconnection resistance.
  2. Automatic testing mode make user to test expediently.
  3. Determines health of battery with pass/warning/fail.
  4. Battery internal resistance and voltage out of range alarm.


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