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Routine maintenance of backup batteries

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Routine maintenance of backup batteries
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Routine maintenance of batteries and precautions

Routine maintenance

  1. Check or operate the operating battery regularly (once every three months):

  2. If the total voltage of the battery pack is different from the specified value, please correct it;

  3. Single battery voltage;

  4. Ambient temperature and battery surface temperature;

  5. The connection wires of each part of the battery pack are tightened, if they are loose, tighten them;

  6. Whether the appearance of the battery is abnormal;

  7. Check whether the connection wire of the battery terminal is clean.


The following abnormal battery needs to be replaced and contact the distributor:

  1. The battery casing is broken;

  2. Battery leakage;

  3. The charging voltage of a single battery is abnormal (too high or too low, lower than the average value or higher than 0.15V/single cell);

  4. A single battery is overheated.


Precautions for battery use

  1. Please store the battery in a cool and dry place;

  2. Do not disassemble or modify the battery;

  3. Do not throw the battery into water or fire;

  4. When connecting the battery pack, please wear insulating gloves;

  5. Do not install, use or keep the battery in the place where children touch;

  6. Do not mix batteries of different brands, different capacities, voltages, and new and old batteries in series;

  7. Sulfuric acid is absorbed in the battery. If the battery is mechanically damaged or the sulfuric acid splashes into the skin, clothes or even the eyes, please wash it immediately with plenty of water or go to the hospital for treatment.


Model JET-AR01 Battery impedance tester (battery resistance tester), is a right machine to do routine maintenance work. Please click hear to know more:


JET-AR is digital and multi-functional, can quickly and accurately measure the battery running status. It can show and record multi-group battery cell voltage, internal resistance, interconnection resistance, etc., and also precisely judge battery’s condition (pass/warning/fail).


Key Features

High precisely online testing, automatically switch the testing range in 0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ

Great data storage capacity, 999 groups of test results (Max. 500 cell battery per group), 200 groups of setting parameter.

USB transfer port.

Enhanced overvoltage undervoltage protection and Self-recovery the overcurrent protection.

Use the SOC chip to improve the tester stability.

Big capacity Lithium battery and AC 100V-240V power supply

Low battery indication.

One person can finish all test, good at saving time and cost.

Powerful PC software for manage and analysis the testing data.


Key Functions

  1. Online test the battery voltage, internal resistance, interconnection resistance.
  2. Automatic testing mode make user to test expediently.
  3. Determines health of battery with pass/warning/fail.
  4. Battery internal resistance and voltage out of range alarm.


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