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How does a solar generator work

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How does a solar generator work
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What is a solar generator?
"Solar generator" can technically refer to any energy system powered by solar energy. However, people who use this term most often talk about portable solar devices with dedicated battery systems. These systems use solar panels to harness the energy of the sun and then store that energy in a portable storage system for later use. Although solar generator sets may not be the right solution for powering the entire house or property, they can be used in boats, RVs, or as emergency backup in the event of a power failure.


How does a solar generator work?
Solar generators usually consist of two main products: solar panels and some kind of storage system. You can store solar energy by placing solar panels in direct sunlight when connecting them to the storage system. Later, when you need electricity, you can pull the stored energy from the battery system to the power device. You can choose a complete all-in-one kit, or you can purchase components such as panels and batteries separately.


Solar generator solar panel
The solar panels used for solar generators are different from typical residential or commercial solar panels. These panels tend to be smaller (physical size and wattage) and more portable, which means you can easily move them and place them in sunny places.

Solar battery
Household solar cells are usually manufactured using lithium ion technology. The battery used in the solar generator set can be lithium ion, but it can also be manufactured using lead acid technology. Both technologies can often be combined with other battery cells, and are often referred to as "links." This means you can add additional batteries to the generator system to increase storage capacity.


YY SERIES PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATOR,  It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, road trips, tailgating, music festivals, outdoor parties, water pump, post and telecommunications, medical equipment, etc. It usually be used in the following fields: home, office, finance, first aid, excavation, exploration, military, science, media, tourism, disaster relief, medical assistance and widespread power shortage areas.


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